Ask Dave Episode 10: Mailbag!

I answer three questions sent in by viewers. Peter Greene, KG7VXX, asks about radials for vertical antenna systems. Dick Jubinville, W1REJ, asks about how remote coax switches can work without a control cable. And Bill Smith, N5XVT, asks about finding info on old rigs.

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5 Responses to Ask Dave Episode 10: Mailbag!

  1. Bob Edwards says:

    Big thanks, Dave. Within the last three years, your videos have put me on the air with a general license and I am a patron because you have helped me and continue to assist me in this hobby.
    My gear: I use a fan dipole, manual MFJ tuner to an IC 7300. I could not successfully get a decent SWR or tune, after much antenna tweaking, without an external tuner.
    Question: After I successfully tune to a particular frequency with the manual tuner, I noticed that I can then turn on the 7300’s (internal) tuner, which appears to then be able to successfully also tune. Is there any advantage to utilizing the built-in tuner in addition to using an external tuner? My gut says “no”. Thanks. Bob Edwards KM6PAX

  2. Hi Dave,
    I put up a rectangular loop cut for the 60m band, about 188 feet in circumference. The long sides are 70 feet and the short sides 24 feet. I am feeding it in the bottom corner with 450 Ohm ladder line, then into a 4:1 balun and then RG-213 to a 3 KW tuner. The ladder line is only about 15 feet but the coax is about 40 feet. Would that still work or does the ladder line have to be longer and the coax very short? I am planning on using the loop on 60/40/30 and 12 meters. Thank you in advance! Klaus VE7KDU

  3. Forrest J. says:

    Can a ham connect ham sticks to the end of Hustler MO-1, MI-2 antenna bases? To help build dipole antennas for the HF bands. Thank you for all you do for the amateur radio Comunity and non-hams.

  4. Ronald G Koelling says:

    I am planning to buy & install a Hy-Gain Hy-Tower for 160 – 10 meter use, as soon as I gain better control over armadillos and moles in my radial field area. I viewed your video #720, and wish to note for your information that the Hy-Tower is not a grounded antenna with gamma match as suggested in the video, but is insulated from ground at its base mount. The full instructions may be downloaded for free to help you better understand this antenna system.
    I look forward to viewing more of your videos, I read your articles in QST with interest, and always look forward to the vast knowledge that you continue to share.

  5. Owen Thompson says:

    Hello Dave, I enjoyed your video about HAEMP. I have studied this for years and agree gas gaps and movs are too slow for the E1 component. I went to Stan Deyeos website and found an ad for the EMP Shield. It referenced patent number 10 530 151 B2. Thought you might be interested.

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