April Snow

What happened to spring? Here we are in mid-April with its fickle weather. Does make for pretty pictures, though. This one was taken from inside our dining room.

Mt. Sneffels from our dining room. Photo by Dave Casler.

Mt. Sneffels from our dining room. Photo by Dave Casler.

I took the photo with my ancient Pentax K100D and Tamron zoom. Three photos were combined in Photomatix to give higher dynamic range.

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7 Responses to April Snow

  1. Dave says:

    Hi Brian, I’m glad you’re finding my humble website useful. I put lots of work into that Owl Creek trail complex map. It’s a combination of many GPS tracks. Regarding snow, yes, it’s really pretty if you’re inside and it’s outside! The key is keeping the driveway plowed. If the snow’s not too deep, Rutherford often plows everyone’s driveway, but for more serious stuff we contract with someone to come clear it. I can give you his number if you’d like. Thanks for commenting on my website! — Dave

  2. Brian says:

    Great April snow Photo. Cant wait till 1st snow.
    Also, great directions and notes on owl creek pass route. It seems that when i research anything these days, you have the best info … do all roads lead to Dave?
    Your New Neighbor Brian.

  3. Richard Jubinville says:

    Thank you Dave, I will have to get that software, I take a lot of scenery photos, and this problem has been giving me trouble for years.

    73, Dickj


  4. Dave says:

    Hi Dick, thanks for the comment. The issue with taking the picture is that there were some very bright areas (clouds, snow-covered mountains) and very dark areas (under the trees). Normally an image can capture one or the other but not both. High Dynamic Range (HDR) is an imaging technique that takes several otherwise-identical images, exposed differently, and combines them into an image that provides detail in the shadows without blowing out the detail in the clouds. The company that made this popular is HDRSoft, and their product is Photomatix. I’ve had a copy for several years. I take three shots, one over-exposed, one exposed “properly,” and one under-exposed. The software combines these. There’s more explanation at Wikipedia by clicking here.

  5. Richard Jubinville says:

    Great photo Dave ! What a stunning view to see out your Dining room while you dine each day. I am curious about how you combined the three photos, can you elaborate more ? I am not familiar with Photomatix.

    73, Dick


  6. Dave says:

    Gordon, you’ll have long distance propagation on HF frequencies. In my HF series at http://www.ke0og.net/general, there are several videos pertaining to propagation. In particular, see https://youtu.be/oVrLoof1Ddk for an explanation of the ionosphere. As far as antennas, there are all kinds of ways of setting up a good one. Again, the General videos have several that explain. Also, see my Ask Dave series at http://www.ke0og.net/ask-dave has some pertinent videos, as does the Extra series at http://www.ke0og.net/extra. Your first HF antenna will likely be a dipole for either 40 meters or 20 meters. Probably a good first bet would be 40 meters. Good luck! 73, Dave, KEØOG

  7. Gordon Evans says:

    Nice mountains.But can the HF transmission s get through? I am on Canada ” we are the north”.How do you set up your antenna for good skip properties? I am a new ham.Can’t wait for a contact.It is getting warmer here so the signals will be stronger.

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