Ameritron ALS-500M Amp and MFJ-4275MV Power Supply

Dave gets an amp! I’ve mentioned it incidentally, but here’s a whole video on the HF amp and its power supply. Even though it’s many years old, it’s performing reliably and consistently.

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2 Responses to Ameritron ALS-500M Amp and MFJ-4275MV Power Supply

  1. steve gage says:

    thank you for your most informative features
    I too have the DX3000 and that is why I love your site
    I have a question for you re the 3000 but I do not know if you receive my emails that I have sent so many times
    It would be very nice just to receive one from you some time so I may see if you do receive them
    Thanking you
    Steve Gage

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