Use These Cool Amazon Links to Support Ham Radio Answers!

Thanks for supporting Ham Radio Answers! Using the links below to purchase products from Amazon will not increase your price, but Amazon will send part of the purchase price to me as a referral fee. This helps support Ham Radio Answers in many ways. Required Amazon disclosure: “As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.”

For the Tonor mics, try using the discount code: DavidCasler

Here are some items I use to make the videos and for other audio recording:

The Sofirn SP32 flashlight as shown in Ask Dave 108. When you order, use the coupon code SHDPD8NO for a 15% discount, special for Ham Radio Answers subscribers!

Radioddity GD-77. Radioddity sent me the GD-77 to test. It’s a great radio! See Ask Dave #81 and #93.

This is my HF rig. Love it! In all my years in ham radio, I’ve never had a better receiver. So many features!

This is a somewhat later model of the one I have, which is the Yihua 852D.