Amateur Extra Video Introduction to Chapter 1

Here’s your video introduction for the first Chapter in the ARRL Extra Class License Manual. You can find the various URLs mentioned in the video by going to To see the complete list of videos, click here.

You can return to the Amateur Extra video page by clicking here.

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7 Responses to Amateur Extra Video Introduction to Chapter 1

  1. Dave says:

    Yes, the book is on order and I’ll issue supplemental videos as required.

  2. jim mack KG5LTL says:

    Dave , Do you have plans to update the Extra videos with the new exam starting in July?
    PS: My wife and I have ridden our dual sport motorcycles on some of the trails around Silverton ( I think we tried Engineers pass) and to Ouray. We are headed to Chama NM in August for 2 months. Thanks for the videos. KG5LTL 73

  3. Hi Dave,

    Where have you been or, perhaps I should say where have I been all these years? I’ve had my General since 2005 and have muddled through the Extra Class manual(s) since then. Each year I make the commitment to finally put the time in and get my Extra. So far, that just hasn’t happened. I stumbled on your website this morning and I think I have finally found a resource that will really help me get past that last barrier to my goal. I’m determined to upgrade before the question pool changes once again next year!

    I’m the webmaster for one of our local ham clubs here in Nevada and I will be placing a link to your website on it for all to see and use.


  4. Jim Liston says:


    I am taking an Extra Class License course offered locally by a ham radio club. The instructors are all extra class license holders and are all experts in electronic theory and design. Each class is given every Saturday from 9:00 a.m. through 12:00 noon. After taking the class for 4 weeks, I realized that I cannot answer a single question on the sample exam as the result of ANY of these classes. Obviously each of the instructors are masters of their subject material and I now know more about electronic design and development that I will ever need to know. Some of these instructors have Masters and Doctorate degrees in their prospective fields. But the course is half-way completed and if I were to take the exam today, I know that I would not pass the test.

    Each instructor has said that he does not want to “teach the exam” but none of these instructors has made reference to the exam or covered specific sections in the ARRL Extra Class License Manual. I received an e-mail from the coordinator of the club asking how a particular instructor handled the class as it was his first time teaching the material. I told him that he obviously was a brilliant engineer and had an excellent grasp of his topic but, again referring to the sample exams and the Extra Class license manual, I don’t think his instruction would be vital to answering a SINGLE question in the manual.

    I think we might have been better served with the 3 hours of classroom instruction if the students (there are only 4 of us) read the chapter(s) of the ARRL manual aloud and went over the questions in the question pool and perhaps watched one or two of your You Tube videos.

    I was thrilled when I found your videos online and I think I’ll tell the other students in my class to watch each of these videos. I really appreciate the videos and I will keep you posted on my success with my continuing quest for my extra class license.

    In addition, I am going to recommend that the club incorporate your videos in the home-study work of their license classes. It would be an honor to have you as a mentor/instructor/elmer but since you can’t come to Chicago for a class, these videos will have to suffice.

    Thank you for your time and effort in making these excellent videos.

    Jim Liston

  5. Dave says:

    Hi Frank, I’m putting about one Amateur Extra training video online per week. The technical depth is higher than the tech and general, and the complexity has increased. So each video takes several days to prepare. Thanks for your continued interest! 73, Dave

  6. Frank Dambcah says:

    Hi Dave,

    I just started studying for the Extra exam and can’t tell you how much I appreciate finding your videos! I received a You Tube e-mail that said something about education via You Tube which gave me the idea to search “Ham Radio Licensing” or something to that affect and bingo, I found you. I’ll surly take advantage of all the videos have to offer and recommend they be linked to by our Ham Club’s website, (Santa Barbara, CA). Can you estimate the frequency of which new Extra Class videos will be added?

    Thank you very much for the training videos and your contributions to the Ham Radio community.



  7. Steve Grimes says:

    Just found your site the other day. I think it is a really good series of topics. Actually…I wish I could make up this diverse and interesting of a site for my stuff!

    I’ve been studying the ham exam online material and Gordo’s book for a couple of years now. I find the overall information interesting, but when I get bogged down in the math portions or computer/logic operations areas, I either get frustrated or a bit bored. I do have an ARRL book, but it was the last cycle and is not current.

    I am looking forward to watching the videos. For you to have done this as a contribution to our hobby is noteworthy. I spent many years in education and I can say that it would have been nice to have something like this for some of my classes. As you know, some of those $150 videos weren’t worth $20; let alone free…

    Anyway, 73 from Steve in Kentucky!

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