Amateur Extra Section 2.1, General Operating

Here is your video introduction to Section 2.1 of the ARRL Extra Class License Manual for Ham Radio, “General Operating.” After you have finished viewing the video, you can return to the list of Amateur Extra Class videos by clicking here.

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7 Responses to Amateur Extra Section 2.1, General Operating

  1. Dave says:

    Dave, looks like you’re currently at the General level, so I assume you’re studying for Amateur Extra. My approach is to teach the material rather than teach the test questions. There are other approaches out there that just teach the questions. My worry is that just learning the test questions doesn’t really prepare people for the license upgrade. Everyone studies a different way. I haven’t used HamTestOnline, so I can’t comment. Apparenbtly lots of people like it. Good luck with your studies! 73, Dave, KEØOG

  2. david czapnik says:

    I just got back into radio after being out of it for 25 years. I am a 69 year old retired and started studying for my extra. I have been looking at a lot of methods of study,I would like your of what you think of hamtest on line,my memory isn’t as good as it used to be even though my entire involved electronics,your comments are welcome.

    Dave ka3ptf

  3. Kent Armstrong says:

    Dear Dave:

    I’ve recently started studying for my Extra Class license and was happy to find your series of YouTube videos as a companion to the ARRL Study Guide.

    I wanted to say thanks and to let you know how very helpful the videos are.

    Thanks so much,

    Kent Armstrong

  4. Dave says:

    Hi Cheri. Check out my ham home page at There’s a section on how to get on the air with your General. Lots of people like the Yaesu FT-857D as a first radio. It all depends on what you have to spend. Don’t forget that you also need to purchase a power supply and put up an antenna. Specifically, check out this post for some idea of the costs involved. Good luck! 73, Dave

  5. Cheri Hunsberger says:

    I am a new ham and I am on 2 meters with my yeasu vx-6r. I have my tech and general license. I am ready to start exploring the HF bands and would like your opinion on a radio that would be best for a new ham like me.

  6. Dave says:

    Hi Daniel, the software-defined radio (SDR) is the FiFi-SDR available from (the German equivalent of QST, though it’s rather more technical). The software that runs on the computer is SDRConsole (use version 2!) from For a more complete explanation, see a blog post I wrote in November, 2013, which you can find by clicking here. That post has much more information.

  7. Daniel Ellison says:

    What is that program that you scan the frequencies with in this 2.1 section. I’m new to DXing
    Thanks , Daniel. W4VLT

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