Amateur Extra Lesson 3.1, Operating Standards

Here’s your video introduction to Section 3.1 of the ARRL Extra Class License Manual for Ham Radio. These introductory videos provide you with explanatory material to prepare you to better understand the material in the manual.

The Government Printing Office web page where you can find a complete copy of FCC Part 97 can be found by clicking here. The FCC website can be found by clicking here.

If you have questions, comments, or concerns, please use the “Leave a Reply” form further down on this page.

When you have finished viewing the video, studying the material in the manual, and ensuring that you understand the answers to all the pertinent questions in the question pool, you may return to the list of videos by clicking here.

Good luck with your study!

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2 Responses to Amateur Extra Lesson 3.1, Operating Standards

  1. Dave says:

    Bill, sorry to hear about your troubles. I can’t replicate the error, but there is a workaround. Go to the YouTube playlist for the Amateur Extra videos (click here) and pick the ones you want from there. 73, Dave

  2. William A. Carpenter says:

    I have tried several times to view the extra videos for chapter 3. I have been unable to do so. I am using a windows 8.1 pc with all the bells and whistles for reading pdf files and viewing various types of video presentations. I see the space where I would expect the video to be available and viewable, however, it is blank.
    Regards, Bill Carpenter KE6WPK

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