Amateur Extra Lesson 2.3, Amateur Satellites (Part 1)

Here’s your video introduction to the first part of Amateur Extra Section 2.3, on amateur satellites, covering from the start of the section through spin stabilization. (The second part, dealing with the telecommunications aspects of amateur satellites, is covered in another video.) The AMSAT website mentioned in the video is

By the way, the correct meaning of the acronym OSCAR is “Orbital Satellite Carrying Amateur Radio” (not “containing amateur radio”). Sorry about the slip.

When you have finished the video and have studied Section 2.3, you can return to the list of Amateur Extra Class videos by clicking here.

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1 Response to Amateur Extra Lesson 2.3, Amateur Satellites (Part 1)

  1. David McFarland KD9FDI says:

    Passed the Extra exam in December using the ARRL License Manual and Unfortunately, the math doesn’t much speak to me, and the manual is kinda short on visuals. After the test I reread the book and found that some of the material made more sense once the testing pressure was off, but still I had the feeling there was more that I could learn from this licensing process. Looking around online, I ran across your series, and am really enjoying the additional review and the new insights your illustrations and moving diagrams provide. I’m glad your stuff is out there to help me get through this Extra newbie decompression phase.

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