Amateur Extra Lesson 11.2, RF Exposure, and Parting Thoughts

Here it is: the last video in the Amateur Extra series! This is your video introduction to Section 11.2, “RF Exposure,” in the ARRL Extra Class License Manual for Ham Radio. The material in the section is very similar to the material in Section 8.2 in the General Class manual. Also included are some parting thoughts, including information about a new video series, “Ask Dave!”

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2 Responses to Amateur Extra Lesson 11.2, RF Exposure, and Parting Thoughts

  1. Dave says:

    Hi Larry, I’m glad you’ve found the videos helpful. The new book has material in a slightly different order than the old. There is almost no new material except for a short section on software-defined radio. If you have both the new and old books, you can find where in the old book the same material is covered, and use that video. I am going to go through all of them and re-cut the ones that have material that’s been moved around, but that will take some time. I will release them as I make them. After the next Ask Dave video #35 goes up this week, I’m going to set Ask Dave aside and work on the Extra videos. Given that the videos provide background on the material itself, and rarely address specific questions, I think almost all of the material is still valid. Good luck with your class! 73, Dave, KEØOG

  2. Larry Loomer, KI6LNB says:

    When will your Extra class, ARRL Eleventh Edition, videos be available? Your Technician and General videos have been important supplemental material for our recently completed classes. Our Amateur Extra class begins on August 4, 2016, and we would like to recommend your Amateur Extra videos as well to our students.

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