Amateur Extra Class videos underway

I’ve started on the video introductions to the Amateur Extra Class license. Just as with the General and Technician series, each video introduces a section in the ARRL Extra Class License Manual. For full details, click here for the page that lists the Extra Class videos. This video introduces the Amateur Extra Class license (commonly known just as “extra”) and describes how the videos fit in with studying the license manual:

Here’s the blurb I put on YouTube:

Amateur Extra License: the highest license class in amateur (ham) radio. Are you ready to start your study? This video introduces my approach to helping newcomers get their ham radio licenses. I already have a series posted for Technician class ( and General ( and am now posting the Amateur Extra videos ( You can get the book on Amazon by searching for the ISBN: 9780872595170. Each of the videos in this series introduces a section in the book, so you really do need to get the book.

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  1. Joe McEarchern says:

    Dave: I have been viewing your excellent videos for a while now. I have my Extra ticket (2 years ago). I use your videos to re-fresh my aging mind. It was good to hear that you will be doing the Extra series. I, along with many, many others, look forward to these to study for the exam or to review material again. Ham radio is exciting and a life-long learning journey. Your movies are simply great. I appreciate your efforts and time. Hope to catch you on the air one day, or even in person. 73. Joe.

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