Amateur Extra Class Lesson 9.4, Transmission Lines, 11th Edition

Here’s your video introduction to Section 9.4, “Transmission Lines,” from the 11th Edition of the ARRL Extra Class License Manual for Ham Radio.

You can find a complete list of the Amateur Extra videos by clicking here, or click here to go to the YouTube Amateur Extra playlist. Please post your questions either below or on the YouTube page for this video. Good luck in your studies!

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2 Responses to Amateur Extra Class Lesson 9.4, Transmission Lines, 11th Edition

  1. dcasler says:

    They’re only available via the website. I suggest rejoining the League, waiting a few days for the info to perkle through the system, and trying website again. It really does work. Persevere! 73, Dave, KEØOG

  2. Kenneth Petrocelly says:


    I really haven’t followed you much since I availed myself of your expertise in preparation for my General exam a few years back.. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! Now that I’m studying for the Extra, I figured I would look you up again, only to find that you have undergone some serious incidents in your life and your website.

    I was saddened by what I read regarding your health and hope that you are doing better now.

    I’ve been reading the twelfth edition and completed the first 8 chapters, passing the ARRL chapter review questions but thought that I would approach you for your expertise on the materials only to find out that it isn’t easy to come by. I tried ordering your Extra thumb drive only to find out that it is no longer for sale, so I joined the ARRL to enable access to your materials through them.

    Even as a member I was unable to access the course and have been working with them for two days to correct the problem (to no avail). Subsequently they agreed to cancel the membership and now I have no way of getting the material.

    Can I purchase a reworked thumb drive from you? … or can I download copies of the final chapters from you?

    While working as an Engineering Manager in Pittsburgh years ago, I taught the Operating Engineerrs there (as an ad hoc professor at a community college) and I appreciate your style manner, method and completeness getting your information across.
    Thankd for hearing me out and
    ……….Best 73s!

    Ken Petrocelly KM4JNV

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