Amateur Extra Class Lesson 6.4, Power Supplies

Here’s your video introduction to Section 6.4, Power Supplies, in the ARRL Extra Class License Manual for Ham Radio.

After you’ve viewed the video, read the section in the book, and feel comfortable with the relevant test questions, click here to return to the list of videos.

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1 Response to Amateur Extra Class Lesson 6.4, Power Supplies

  1. mike meyers says:

    HI Dave

    After our QSO last Tuesday (4-26-16)on 20 meters, I checked out your excellent Extra class videos on youtube, and wanted to thank you for you effort. I have been using them for the last few day an hope to take the test locally at a club meeting the 16th.
    I really enjoyed the QSO and am very glad you mentioned your videos! They are very well done ez to follow and hit all points in the ARRL manual and mention many related ideas also.

    Great job!
    Hope to catch you on the extra bands soon!
    Thanks again !

    Mike Meyers

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