Amateur Extra Chapter 1: Updated for 11th Edition

These videos are updated for the 11th edition of the “ARRL Extra Class License Manual for Ham Radio.” You can find this book on Amazon by clicking here, and on the ARRL website by clicking here. The errata page and the question set re-ordered to match the book can be found at You can go directly to the exam review website at

You can find a complete list of the Amateur Extra videos by clicking here, or click here to go to the YouTube Amateur Extra playlist. Please post your questions either below or on the YouTube page for this video. Good luck in your studies!

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2 Responses to Amateur Extra Chapter 1: Updated for 11th Edition

  1. Dwain Ragsdale says:

    just what i have looking for thankyou

  2. Colton Wellnitz says:

    One small error: There is no longer a fee for a vanity callsign.

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