Almost Eureka!

I mentioned a side road off a side road off a side road. Well, here’s the video. The term “side road” implies a main road, and the main road is San Juan (Colorado) County Road 2, which connects Silverton to the Animas Forks ghost town. The side road is CR 9, which takes off from CR 2 and loops over to the California Gulch road. The side road off the side road is CR 99, which does a loop of Picayne Gulch. And the side road off the side road off the side road is unnumbered (CR 999, anyone?). The road soars into the heavens and heads along a ridge line on the south side of Picayne Gulch. I opted to do this video in normal speed, meaning you’ll see it as I saw it. The higher I went, the more spectacular the scenery, and it was spectacular to start with! The 11-minute video starts with a quick overview GPS map, then jumps right into the ascent. Once atop, I narrate a 360-degree tour. Oh—the road heads straight toward Mt. Eureka, but for reasons that will become obvious falls short. So, I call this “Almost Eureka!” Enjoy!

I put the video up on YouTube a couple days ago and only had time to post it here just now. In that time it’s already had several views and garnered several comments. So check it out there, too. My YouTube channel is davecasler. Subscribe! (Oh, and you can subscribe to this website by putting your email in the box in the right hand column. You’ll get an email asking you to confirm, and then you’re in!)

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