Amateur Extra Videos Available on USB Thumb Drive

My Amateur Extra training videos are available on a USB memory stick, postpaid in the USA, for US$49.99. Use this PayPal button to purchase. Note that the purchase is made through Mt. Sneffels Press and after the purchase you’ll be taken to that site. YOU WILL BE RETURNED TO THIS PAGE after purchase or if you cancel your order before placing it. Be sure to read the text after the button.

 US$49.99 Postpaid US only. Colorado residents add sales tax.
Non-US please contact me regarding shipping charges.

A few points:

  • When you are taken to PayPal, the transaction will appear under the auspices of Mt. Sneffels Press. The charge on your credit card statement will also say Mt. Sneffels Press. Note that if you don’t have a PayPal account, there’s no need to create one. You can simply use your credit card.
  • The Amateur Extra set of videos is contained on a single USB memory stick, sometimes called a thumb drive. To use, insert the thumb drive in either a USB 2.0 or 3.0 USB port on your computer. This should bring up a window that shows you what’s on the thumb drive. Select “Amateur Extra Class Videos.” You’ll see a list of the videos. Double-click on the video that matches the section in the ARRL Extra Class License Manual for Ham Radio. This should bring up the video for you to watch. PLEASE, PLEASE remember to “Eject” the thumb drive before pulling it out of the USB socket! (This helps avoid corrupting the thumb drive).
  • NOTE: Windows Media Player does not play MP4 videos unless a special codec is installed. So, I’ve placed the installation package for the open source, free video player called VLC on the thumb drive. From the top level menu of the thumb drive, double-click the folder entitled “VLC Install Software.” You’ll see an entry that says “vlc-2.2.4-win32.exe.” Double click on this and follow the usual instructions to set up the software. Then you can use this media player to view the video files. (VLC has many other uses too.)
  • Note that Apple computers should be able to play MP4 videos without any additional software, though there are also versions of VLC for Apple and Linux computers. (Click here for VLC’s website.)
  • Sorry, but I must charge sales tax for Colorado addresses.
  • Please note that these videos are an adjunct to the ARRL training manual, not a substitute for it!
  • Note that some TVs are capable of playing videos on the thumb drive. My small Vizio full-HD TV will not play them, but our large Samsung will.
  • All of the Amateur Extra videos are available in High Definition (HD) on YouTube. The videos on the thumb drive are identical to the ones uploaded to YouTube (full HD/Blu-Ray quality).
  • Although I make the videos available for free on YouTube, I still hold the copyright. You are NOT authorized to further distribute the videos in any form or method.
  • The videos are still free, even on the thumb drive. The cost covers burning the thumb drives as well as shipping and handling. NOTE that the cost includes the cost of a brand-new, never-used thumb drive.
  • Please note that the videos specifically accompany the 12th Edition (valid July 1, 2020, through June 30, 2024) of the ARRL Extra Class License Manual.. You can get the manual from Amazon by clicking here.

I’d enjoy your feedback about the thumb drive approach, which can influence how they’re packaged in the future. I’m particularly interested in how these videos are used in classroom training.

Good luck with your studying!