Amateur Extra Lesson 6.4, Filters and Impedance Matching, 11th Edition

Here’s your video introduction to Section 6.4, “Filters and Impedance Matching,” from the 11th Edition of the ARRL Extra Class License Manual for Ham Radio. Topics addressed include various filters, active filters, Butterworth filters, Chebychev filters, elliptical filters, crystal filters, finite impulse response digital filters, infinite impulse response digital filters, impedance matching and antenna tuners.

You can find a complete list of the Amateur Extra videos by clicking here, or click here to go to the YouTube Amateur Extra playlist. Please post your questions either below or on the YouTube page for this video. Good luck in your studies!

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2 Responses to Amateur Extra Lesson 6.4, Filters and Impedance Matching, 11th Edition

  1. dcasler says:

    Yes, there is an ARRL errata for this page: Page 6-41 In the second paragraph, the first sentence should read “Unlike a symmetrical FIR filter, frequency components of the input signal can be delayed by different amounts.”

  2. Reiner Dieg says:

    Hi Dave,
    On page 6-41 of the Extra manual, where IIR filters are described, I am reading that “unlike a symmetrical FIR filter, all frequency components of the input are delayed by the same amount.”
    Question E715’s correct answer A implies that delaying all frequency components by the same amount is a feature of FIR filters.
    This sounds like a contradiction. Which filter has this as a feature? Perhaps I am missing something in my understanding? Thanks, Reiner N2PEZ

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