AD14 Typical CW QSO Charts

Here are the charts I used in Ask Dave 14, “Anatomy of a CW QSO,” by request. These PDF charts walk you through a typical exchange for a brief conversation in Morse Code.

Click on this: A typical CW exchange.

I hope the charts help you be more comfortable on CW!

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3 Responses to AD14 Typical CW QSO Charts

  1. Rodney F Mollise says:

    The thing to remember? A CW QSO can be scary the first few times. But once you get some experience and your speed starts going up, you’ll find it is FUN. You’ll also find the exchange goes a lot further afield than just name-QTH-RST-rig-WX. 🙂

  2. Randy Williamson says:

    Dave….THAT is exactly why I didnt get my novice ticket back in 1971 and waited until 2018 so I could just TALK my way though a contact. Haha. This posting deserves a deposit into the tip jar!
    73s and Merry Christmas
    Randy. KE0TNG.

  3. Allan says:

    Very helpful to have a written QSO format. Thanks.

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