AD 195 Charts—APRS with the Anytone D878UV

Per request, I’m uploading a PDF version of the charts I created for the video. Click here.

Here’s the video for handy reference:

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4 Responses to AD 195 Charts—APRS with the Anytone D878UV

  1. dcasler says:

    I know, the lingo is backwards, but Tracker is the name used for the Trackee.

  2. Richard says:

    Excellent presentation Dave, and Tracker should have the “R” dropped at the end , and should add an “e” Trackee, not Tracker LOL, I think the Mfgr got a little confused in the xmission.

  3. Nilson Stahl says:

    Excelent Mr. Kasler!
    I am your brasilian fan.
    You are doing a great job

    Nilson Stahl

  4. Ronald Smith says:

    Changing email address from to

    Keep up the great work Dave !


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