ACP 131B lists all Q-Signals and Z-Signals

ACP 131 Tabs

My old copy of ACP 131 is divided by tab markers for easy reference

On the video to introduce Lesson 6.1 of the Technician material, I discuss Q-signals. It occurs to me I have an old copy of ACP 131 from 1976, which is back when I was in the Air Force. The document lists all Q signals plus all the Z signals. The Q signals are for civilian use and the Z signals for military use. (Per Wikipedia, this document in its current version is the authoritative source—see link on permanent page.)

It’s a fun document to look through, so I’ve posted it to a permanent page which you can find here. While I do admit this version is way out of date (for the latest, see a link on the permanent page), it’s fun to see what the state of the art was back in 1976, a mere 35 years ago!

My copy has the original tabs (see photo), and I’ve divided the document up the same way the tabs do. This makes for easier browsing. I scanned the sections to pdf files, and my system does text recognition, so not only do you see the original layout, but you can select and copy any of the text. Now…for those of you studying for your Technician license, aren’t you glad you don’t have to memorize all of these!

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