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Ham Radio


Local attractions

  • Ouray County’s (Colorado) official website
  • High country road status (official county site)
  • Ouray County, Colorado, Chamber of Commerce (has a great local calendar)
  • Box Canyon Lodge and Hot Springs, a popular hotel in Ouray. I rented a Jeep there once. And they recently added me as a guest blogger. See their site here.
  • The FJ Summit, an annual gathering for those owning Toyota FJ-series vehicles. They come by the hundreds and work closely with the Forest Service regarding impact. Great group of people!



  • WordPress, of course!
  • DeLorme, where I purchased my PN-20 and PN-40SE GPS receivers, plus Topo North America

Friends and Family



  • Enigma (German WWII cryptographic machine) page

One Response to Links

  1. John says:

    I was looking for antenna tweaking of transceiver hardware aboard the Botmite 1 when I came across your website. In a word: Nice! And the artwork is really well done.

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