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Mission of this site. To share information about ham radio, including providing training, and to describe the local scenic beauties. You can learn much more about this site at the Welcome Page.

About me—my CV. I’m Dave Casler. I lived most of my youth in the Los Angeles area. I went to school at Crescenta Valley High School in La Crescenta, CA, and graduated in 1969. I attended UCLA from 1969 to 1971, then went on a two-year proselyting (religious) mission in the Philippines for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormon). After that I went to BYU, where I got my ham radio Novice license as well as my Bachelor of Science in Mathematics in 1975. I was commissioned as an Air Force officer upon graduation.

While waiting for my Air Force assignment, I upgraded my ham radio license first to General and then to Advanced. I served in the USAF from 1976 to 1980. I received my Masters in Engineering from CSUN in 1974. Since I left the Air Force, I’ve worked for Northrop and IBM in Southern California, then IBM, Loral, Lockheed, and then IBM again in Boulder, Colorado, all as a Systems Engineer; I retired in 2013, having worked from home here in Ridgway since 2003. I currently hold Amateur Extra callsign KEØOG.

My wife is an artist and teacher; her website can be found at www.aldea-art.com. We’ve been empty-nesters since 2003. My wife’s ham callsign is KBØVWW.

Contact me. Please use this form to contact me directly. Or, better yet, comment directly on the page or post that most interests you, or directly on YouTube where all the videos are actually located. I see all the comments and will attempt to reply where I can.

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30 Responses to About Dave

  1. dave says:

    Interesting idea. I’ll have to look into that. Writing is a hobby – I still have a day job! So time is not always available.

  2. dave says:

    Sean, the Stealey Mtn Trail Complex is one area where I do not have good GPS tracks. I’ve taken tracks in there, but I get bad out-and-back agreement. Since I acquired a handlebar GPS mount, I get better tracks, but haven’t been back with the intent of riding every fork of every trail to get a complete map. It’s on my list, hopefully this summer. I hope you guys have a great time in Ouray County!

  3. bandit says:

    Do you goto SF literary cons? Denver has MileHighCon, Albuquerque has Bubonicon. They are always looking for speakers (on your own dime, unless you are a Guest of Honor…), but those cons have a goodly number of authors.

    Heard about you thru Randy of ThisIsTrue.com

    Take care … bandit

  4. Sean says:

    Dave – excellent resource and thanks for all the effort showcasing the area around Ouray. I was wondering if I could trouble you from some raw track information from areas such as Stealey Mountain and any other similar ATV width trails/roads etc.. I have been successful getting some great GPX files for all the common passes for Jeep roads and even some single track…but I am looking for some tame stuff to keep everyone in our riding group happy. We are basing out of Ouray in late July and will all have tagged bikes. Many thanks!

  5. dave says:

    James, a lovely painting! Let me know when you are finished (you mentioned wet paint). If it’s okay with you, I’d like to feature it in a post with a link to your site.

  6. Hi Dave,
    A while back I asked if I could paint from one of your great photos. You said yes so I took a shot at one. You can see it in my wet paint section http://www.theartistandthetraveler.org call “The Back Roads”.
    Take a look when you get a chance and thanks again Dave.

  7. Jen Sadoff says:

    Hi Dave,
    I wandered onto your blog searching for Colorado Trebuchet, but after reading it came up with this equation: motorcycle enthusiast+engineer=you should come to the Moab Pumpkin Chuckin’ Festival October 29th!

    Not sure if you have heard of it, but the event is a fundraiser for the Youth Garden Project, and any mention that you made on your blog would be really appreciated. Last year we had over 2000 people, and the event is like an old time fair. Besides machines launching pumpkins, there are pumpkin pie eating and seed spitting contests, games and activites for kids, a strawbale maze, live music and last but not least…weiner dogs racing in costume:)

    Anyway, I enjoyed reading your blog, it looks like you get out and do some great exploring!
    Best wishes,
    Jen Sadoff

  8. Craig Black says:

    I was googling and came across your site. I’m a dual sport rider and I’m interested in the Wouxun UV3D. Have you tried the motorcycle headset with the radio. Is it loud enough to use at freeway speeds? I tried the midland GMRS/FRS radio with helmet speakers and mic which worked fine on a recent trip in the Sierras at dirt road speeds but transiting on the freeway it sucked. At 65 MPH i couldn’t hear anything from my friends in my “support vehicle”.


  9. Gary West says:

    Dave, I just sort of stumbled across your blog via the Ouray County Historical Society site. I grew up in Delta, CO — but in the summer we lived in the area east of Ridgway as my Dad (Ben West) surveyed the U.S. Forest Service Owl Creek Pass road back in the early ’60s. I’ve lived in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area for many years now, but try to get back “home” once a year or so. As I’m sure you frequently hear, things sure have changed there as time marches on. Anyway, thanks for providing one more connecting point to SW Colorado.

  10. Becky says:

    We were in Porphyry Basin (Black Bear Pass area) yesterday, July 29, and the flowers are at their best!! Absolutely amazing.

  11. dave says:

    Sandy, the wildflowers are thick and beautiful this year. As to last week in August, I’d say the peak will have passed, but there will likely still be plenty of flowers. I looked at my pictures from the end of August in 2010, and find lots of pictures of wildflowers. I can’t vouch for what Yankee Boy Basin will look like. Indeed, we seem to be late this year, but Loretta and I were up there Thursday and I’ve never seen the wildflowers look better.

  12. Sandy Radom says:

    Hi Dave,
    I’m enjoying your photography-great wildflower images. Do you have a feel for what the wild flowers in Yankee Boy Basin area will be like around the third week in August? I’ve spoken with the folks in Ouray and they told me that things are about 2-3 weeks behind due to colder weather and more snow. I can’t get the any sooner this year. Looking at your images it seems as if I might miss them. Thanks.

  13. dave says:

    Hi Karen, been traveling — will get in touch soon. Dave

  14. Karen says:

    Hi Dave,
    I am still interested if you are… Guest Blogging 🙂

    No pressure, just checking in.

  15. dave says:

    I think we can probably do something mutually beneficial. I’m glad you like the photos. If you wish to paint from them, I’m fine with that, but would like you to credit me for the original photo. Perhaps we can both link to each other’s site.

  16. Hi Dave I came across your gorgeous photos when I was working on a painting of a barn with Ouray ranch on it. In doing a search for more info on it I came across your pictures. You take some nice shots. I saw some beautiful fall aspen tree shots and was hoping that you might let me paint a couple and do a story on you. Take a look at my site when you can and maybe we can talk. Thanks for the look , James

  17. Austin Ray says:

    Hi Dave,

    I just finished the broom stick trilogy [see Mt. Sneffels Press Fantasy Catalog] and enjoyed it thoroughly. As a recent transplant to the Ridgway area (Loghill), I enjoyed the references to the local topography which were familiar to me. I haven’t quite made it to the top of Mt. Sneffels yet, maybe I could borrow a broom? 😉

  18. dave says:


    I’m not familiar with the area around Buena Vista except for the paved roads, which I’ve traveled on my street bike.

    Down here in the Ouray County / Montrose County area, there are many 4WD roads to travel. There are few single tracks, but there are still lots of roads, which I’ve reported on. The high country is still snowed in and probably won’t open until mid-June, depending on the weather.

    The mountain single-track trails are mostly up on Uncompahgre Plateau, which is rideable around mid-June to mid-Oct, depending on weather, certainly from July 4th to Labor Day. And there are lots of single tracks up there.

    There are a number of double-track (ATV) trails up in the Owl Creek and Silverjack Reservoir areas. On this side of the pass is the Stealey Mountain trail complex (very beautiful area, and in mid-summer absolutely full of wildflowers). I haven’t fully explored the double-tracks around Silverjack.

    Another great area for single tracks is the Gunnison National Conservation Area (known locally as the Montrose Adobes and the Peach Valley area). I’ve posted quite a bit about these, as they’re open in April.

    So, lots of single track trails around here. True, one can’t travel at whim, but given the population increase and the number of summer tourists, that’s a good thing.

    I’m delighted you’re enjoying the site. That’s what it’s here for! And I’ll continue to add posts actively throughout the summer.

  19. Steve Cloer says:

    Hi David,
    I enjoyed your motorcycle articles. I rode my bike all over those roads about 30 years ago! Back then, there was nothing off limits to any kind of vehicle. I understand now, it is very restrictive as to where you can take a bike. Do you know what roads are open to bikes? I would sure love to come back and ride with my son on some of those roads. I now live in Georgia and my teenage son and I ride on the few trials here, but they are nothing like Colorado! My son and I did visit an area a few years ago where I also used to ride 30 years ago close to Buena Vista. In the area of the ghost towns of Tin Cup and St. Elmo. We rented an ATV, but the areas we were allowed to travel on was very restricted. Thanks for the pictures and info! It brought back great memories! Steve

  20. Karen Avery says:

    Hi Dave,
    What great content on dirt biking in SW Colorado. Might you have an interest in being a “Guest Blogger” on my site? info.boxcanyonouray.com

    Let’s talk if you have interst.

  21. Dave, thanks for the suggestions and will heed your advice. I’ll see what Ham clubs are in my area and and take it from there.

  22. dave says:

    Mark, welcome to the site! Regarding the radio, neither will be of any use until you pass your General class license. For some suggestions on first radios for Technician class, see this post. Above all, and I can’t stress this point enough, do not purchase any radio until after you pass your exam! If you pass both the Tech and the General on the same day, you can certainly dip your toe into HF. I recommend doing it with an elmer (mentor) at your side, as the HF bands are noisy and chaotic, and tuning SSB takes considerable practice. Here’s a post on my suggestions for first HF antenna. Regarding what HF rig to buy? That’s your decision as personal preference means everything! Be very, very sure about used equipment and operate it yourself and really give it a workout before committing any funds. The FT-1000D is a sophisticated radio and unless you have lots of HF experience, it could be overwhelming. Again, if you have a good elmer, things will go better.

  23. Wow – Cool to find someone who enjoys riding dirt and is into Ham! I ride a KLX250 and a BMW F650GS Dakar and studying for my Tech Class license – Almost ready to make the jump of buying an Icom IC-7200 (new) or a used Yaesu FT1000D, any suggestions or advice on which one?

  24. Jim Koffer says:

    Nice website. thought i’d drop you a line.
    i am in the middle of your 2nd broomstick book. Hmmm. (i have always wondered what goes on in a bipolar mind!! )very cool. you nailed it just like an engineer would. ( i am engineer myself, but more tied to the terra than the ethereal. mining and applied earth mechanics, Mines ’77 & ’89).
    My Dad was an aerospace engineer, so i really liked your flying instructions.(picture a 50’s something balding engineer, twisting his left hand this way and that while holding the book and reading with the other hand)
    i see that you are a Ham. I’ll try hitting you on the repeater some night on my way home from GJ. ( oh yeah. we are kinda neighbors. we live west of Olathe, near Pea Green). have not got my base station up yet, too busy planting grapevines and building a cottage for the Queen. but i hope to get back up on the air this year.
    one more thing, i am from the “Valley” originally. yeah, born in Van Nuys, graduated from chatsworth high. i understand you are from the same neck of the woods. kinda weird, hunh?

    anyway, enjoying the book immensely. Nice break from the boob-tube, which i have come to loathe.

    keep up the good work!!!!
    Miner Jim
    PS: thanks for writing about bipolar (manic/depressive) disorder in your book. i only suffer from the bottom portion of that sine wave, but it is nice to hear someone else acknowledge dealing with an “issue”, as it were

  25. dave says:

    Pulak, very nice to meet you. I’m glad you’re enjoying the site. Yes, I’d like to hear your opinions about camera options—in fact, if you’d like, you could write a guest post on the subject. Let me know — Dave

  26. Pulak Datt says:

    Hello Mr. Casler,

    I was referred to your blog by your friend and colleague, Sunil Datt (my father). I follow the blog now and enjoy reading your posts. I started riding sportbikes in 2009, and hope to someday do some trail riding like you do. Last year, I did quite a lot of days at the track, and this year I plan on racing.

    Anyway, my father mentioned that you are looking for a camera to mount on your bike. I own such a camera and use it to study my riding. There are also other cameras and devices out there with various features and in different price ranges. Please feel free to contact me, and I’ll be happy to share what I know in exchange for your knowledge on trail riding.


  27. dave says:

    Kevin, it sounds like you’ve got a great Labor Day weekend planned. If you happen by here, I’d be delighted to ride with you. Regarding the carburetor, yes, it would be good to rejet for the altitude. But to tell you the truth, I don’t know what’s in there because the dealer did it for me shortly after I purchased it–the bike runs much better rejetted. Your best bet would be to call Davis Service Center at 970-249-8161 and ask their advice. The only other significant mod I’ve made is to reduce the front sprocket from 15 teeth to 14 (I’ve got a separate post on that–do a search on ‘sprocket’ to find the post). I am not ready to ride Black Bear because I haven’t seen it. Before I try it on the bike, I’d like to go over it in a Jeep with someone else driving. I suspect it will be easy on the bike, but until I’ve seen the road, I’ll give it a pass. It’s considered by far the most difficult pass around, with Poughkeepsie Road coming in a close second. Plus, I only rate my skills intermediate–this is the second year on the dirt bike. Several decades of street experience are handy, but dirt biking is sufficiently different that I’ve been regrowing my skills. I just went over Imogene (see post) and did it without a problem this year–last year I had to attempt one section three times. I’m sure you’ll enjoy your stay in the San Juans, but do be aware we’ve had lots of rain this summer–far more than I’ve ever seen before.

  28. Kevin Gowins says:

    I am going to be in the San Juans over Labor Day Weekend. Your website is of particular interest to me because this is my absolute favorite part of the country and I also have an XT 250. I bought if for my wife be she was never able to master controlling it because of her height. I was
    piloting a KLR 650 that frustrated me in difficult terrain because I am only 5′ 10″. It was just a little much. After inheriting the XT from my wife I could not be happier. With rare exception
    I feel confident and in control with this motorcycle.

    I have a question for you. I live in the Dallas/Fort Worth Texas area and my carburetor is jetted
    for sea level operation with a 130 Main Jet. I have a 125 Main that I thought I would use for the higher elevation there in Southwestern Colorado along with opening up the breather box a little.

    If you don’t mind me asking, what are your thoughts on this?

    Also, I will be in Ouray at some point on Labor Day Weekend. I can only imagine that with
    your passion for adventure and motorcycles you’d be someone I would enjoy riding with. If you are free and have an interest, let me know. I have really been wanting to ride Black Bear. Everyone says it is a snap on nimble bikes like these. The views I’ve seen from photos online
    look stunning.

    Thanks again for your amazing work.

    Kevin Gowins
    Mansfield, Texas

  29. dave says:

    John, you can find great details about all the providers and tools I use at my other site: http://mtsneffelspress.com/projects/technology/

  30. John Kuijvenhoven says:

    Hi Dave:

    Congratulations on such a fine site, very well laid out and perfectly presented, you do great work. Thank you too for laying out so many riding options, several are new to me, and I thought I had ridden everything around here.

    I have a friend who is starting to build a web & blogging site, would you be willing to share any details as to who you use for hosting, and what tools, or software you prefer?

    John K

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