A First GPS Track of the Montrose Adobes

I rode the Montrose Adobes today and took a GPS track. I barely began to explore all the trails available. Many are steep and beyond my ability. I went up one rather steep one and felt the rear wheel spinning—the limit being a combination of power (only a 250cc engine) and rear tire (about half worn). I did make it up, though. Here’s a map made from the GPS track. To see the map full size, click on the map, which will bring up the image by itself. Use your browser’s Back button to return. Please note this only begins to show all the trails available.


A quick trip through the Montrose Adobes. To see the full resolution, click on the image. To get back here, use your browser's Back button.

The main road has a couple different names according to the Montrose County official roadmap. It’s Elephant Skin Road, also Coal Bank Road. The main road is suitable for pickups or jeeps, although beware of the dips. The rest of the area is suitable for motorcycles only–don’t try this on a 4-wheeler. DO NOT enter the area unless the ground is completely dry. The soil will clump on your wheels when wet and you will quickly become immobile. If it looks like rain is coming, get out!

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