KE0OG Health Update

Still recovering from bad episode of gastroinstestinal bleeding. Very anemic at the moment, on oxygen, at home, but trying to walk more than 10 feet leaves me exhausted and completely out of breath. Had 3 units of blood last week. Will try every week to do livestream on Thursday evening, US time, 7pm Mountain standard time. 73, Dave, KEØOG

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  1. Steven Douglass KB1DJW says:

    I am not an MD. I never played one on TV. I am a 70 YO. ex – tv & radio tech, a cook and a reporter.
    I have some information that could help should you choose to buy consume some vitamins. Unlike gorillas, man does not have the ability to metabolize vitamin c from the foods we eat, in the amount necessary to keep us healthy. Over time that deficit can increase and disallow our cells from performing the functions necessary to keep us healthy.
    I do not know what you have, but there is a lot of sickness floating around in the air that masks and distancing will not solve.
    There is a new concept since the RDAs came out in the 1940s to stop Beri Beri, Pellagra Scurvy and Rickets named megadosing. Even when the RDAs were introduced, based on my research they were never intended to cover containing the diseases of today.
    However, Carole Baggerly, a high tech exec, was able to stop her breast cancer by increasing the vitamin D3 in her blood serum from 20 to 60-80. Like the old PSA used to say, “Drugs cant help you, if you don’t take them right.”

    To prevent m e from being infected by the current CoVid plague, I am taking:
    2_5000 IU doses of A,
    4_b-complexes 4 X a day,
    17 grams of Vitamin C a day in 4 doses,
    2_5000 IU doses of vitamin D3,
    2_400 mg of vitamin E
    3_50 mg Zinc tabs
    CO Q 10 is Good
    A K2-MK4 to put the calcium into my teeth and bones but not my arteries
    I have been juicing and drinkingfresh fruit and vegetables like tomato apples cukes and carrots.
    Recently I got an email from a guru of mine, Joe Mercola, MD. He is suggesting a half a teaspoon dissolved into a cup of water will help alkalize the covid, if this is what you are dealing with. At 4:38 into this video, this lady talks about using it during the 1918 flu.

    I am up in grand Junction.
    If I can make a call for you, to get Amazon to deliver you these vitamins, please let me know.

    Best of luck

  2. David Vine says:

    Try to have a good Thanksgiving and I wish you all the best. I look forward to your speedy recovery.

  3. Bob Taylor says:

    Don’t push it. Get healthy and come back when you are ready.

    Best wishes from ex-Glendalian and Hoover ’66 grad, Bob.

  4. Linda Reagan says:

    Hope you feel better soon. Take care of yourself! 🙏🙏🙏

  5. Andrew Cowley says:

    Sorry to hear you have not been great
    My tough are with you and your family.

    Git well soon my friend

    De 2e0ree
    Andy cowley 73

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