Amateur Extra Videos Once Again Available on Thumb Drive

The Amateur Extra training videos have been updated to the 12th Edition of the ARRL Extra Class License Manual for Ham Radio, and are once again available for purchase. Please note these are the same videos that are on YouTube, which you can watch for free. The videos-on-a-thumb-drive are offered as a convenience for those whose network connections aren’t good, or want to study away from where they can get Internet access. These video sticks are also handy for those who might want to use them for club presentations or a club-sponsored class.

You can order the thumb drive with the Amateur Extra videos by going to this order page or by clicking on the PayPal button below.

 US$49.99 Postpaid US only. Colorado residents add sales tax.
Non-US please contact me regarding shipping charges. Please see the order page for conditions.

PLEASE NOTE: Although my videos are free for viewing, they are all released under the standard YouTube license, which forbids copying. If you need an extra video stick, please order one.

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