AD14 Typical CW QSO Charts

Here are the charts I used in Ask Dave 14, “Anatomy of a CW QSO,” by request. These PDF charts walk you through a typical exchange for a brief conversation in Morse Code.

Click on this: A typical CW exchange.

I hope the charts help you be more comfortable on CW!

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2 Responses to AD14 Typical CW QSO Charts

  1. Randy Williamson says:

    Dave….THAT is exactly why I didnt get my novice ticket back in 1971 and waited until 2018 so I could just TALK my way though a contact. Haha. This posting deserves a deposit into the tip jar!
    73s and Merry Christmas
    Randy. KE0TNG.

  2. Allan says:

    Very helpful to have a written QSO format. Thanks.

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