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Programming the Wouxun KG-UV3D and the Baofeng UV-5R+

The Chinese are here! Chinese companies have entered the US ham radio market. They’ve come up with some very inexpensive handhelds, with prices so low that they’re hard to ignore. The Chinese radios will do everything that the Japanese radios … Continue reading

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Baofeng UV-5R+ on APRS – Works Great!

The Baofeng* UV-5R+ on APRS? Yes, it works! The Baofeng UV-5R+ is an incredibly inexpensive Chinese dual-band handheld, putting out 4 watts on its internal battery. See my review here. Today brought gorgeous weather, but I can’t ride because of … Continue reading

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Ham Radio General Class License Lesson 6.6, Feed Lines

This 28 minute lecture will put you well in front of studying Section 6.6, Feed Lines, in the ARRL General Class License Manual for ham radio. Plan to spend some time with this one—it’s worth the effort. It covers material … Continue reading

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From Montrose Adobes to Peach Valley Recreation Area in Five Minutes

Yes, it’s true that I crashed not long after I took this video, but I suppose there’s no harm in putting it here. For quite a number of years the only connection between the Peach Valley recreation area outside of … Continue reading

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Lower Powerline Road in 5 Minutes

I took this video last Saturday, and, yes, I know I crashed later on that day. But still, this road goes through an area that I really like. So I speeded things up a little bit, and here you are!

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Crashed motorcycle and broke my arm!

On Saturday afternoon I crashed my Yamaha dirt bike and broke my arm! Just to show you how tough the motorcycle is, the only damage to it was a broken bracket that holds the clutch lever in place. I did … Continue reading

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