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Cactus Flowers Near Gunnison

Last month, May 20th, a Thursday, I drove from Denver to home. I stopped some 20 miles west of Gunnison to

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Minnie Gulch Near Silverton, Colorado

Given my mom’s first name is Minnie, I couldn’t resist. My doctor, who is a mountain bike* enthusiast, had told me this was an easy and scenic side trip. I’d been traveling from Animas Forks down to Silverton and couldn’t … Continue reading

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Animas Forks Ghost Town

After traveling up to Engineer Pass, I continued my motorcycle trip down into the ghost town of Animas Forks. The cool thing about the heavily-visited Animas Forks is that these old buildings have been

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Wildflowers near Animas Forks

I was in the high country today, first going to Engineer Pass, then down into Animas Forks. Here are a few wildflower shots near Animas Forks. First up are some blue ones. Hopefully theses are

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Engineer Pass—the San Juan High Country

I had today (Friday) off, so I hopped on my Yamaha XT-250 and headed for the high country. I took the road from Ouray to Engineer Pass. Whew! But I’m not sure what got more of a workout: the motorcycle … Continue reading

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The (apparently secret) 2.7 firmware upgrade for the DeLorme PN-40

My DeLorme PN-40SE is not behaving quite as advertised (see post here), so I inquired of their customer service via e-mail. They suggested a “low level format” followed by an “update” to the firmware. Hmmm….the device was at firmware level … Continue reading

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Blue Lakes Trailhead—Ouray County Road 7

Better late than never, I suppose. I took this trip on May 28th and today is June 10th. Ouray (Colorado) County Road 7 is open all the way to the Blue Lakes Trailhead, though do watch for ruts. County Road … Continue reading

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Two New Inexpensive 2-Meter Handhelds

(Out of date information deleted.)

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HF Antenna Repairs

Hey—here’s a ham radio post for once! We had a pretty windy spring, peaking several days in a row at

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Wildflowers near Owl Creek Pass

Yesterday, Loretta and I took the Blazer up to Owl Creek Pass. I wasn’t feeling up to snuff for a motorcycle ride, and perhaps shouldn’t have tried something that made my stuffed ears try to pop, but I can report … Continue reading

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