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If you’d like to toss something in the tip jar, you have a choice of two methods, PayPal or YouTube. Both are quite simple. NOTE THAT IN APRIL YOUTUBE IS DISCONTINUING FAN FUNDING, which is the “YouTube Method” for a tip jar.

Using the PayPal Method to Put a Tip in the Tip Jar

This takes you to PayPal where you may securely put money in the tip jar in units of $1. You can choose any amount of units you want.

If you’d like, you can send a brief message to me (optional). The button below the message box will take you to PayPal, where you may select $1 or more.

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Thanks for your support!

Please note this is a tip, not a contribution. I’m not a non-profit (in the legal sense). I really appreciate your support, as it helps pay for web hosting expenses as well as helping toward updated video equipment and additional test equipment to help illustrate video topics.
You can select as many
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Using the YouTube Method to Support My Channel

(YouTube is discontinuing this service in April.) If you wish, you may use the YouTube method instead. Click on the image below to go to the main page for my YouTube Channel, and look for the box that says “Support this channel,” shown here circled in red.

YouTube channel subscribe web

Thanks for your support!