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Patrons at the $20/month level

Bob Slovick

Bob Slovick, ADØHI, became a patron on 19 April 2017, and upgraded his patronage on 23 Aug 2017. Thanks Bob!

Justin Smith

Justin Smith became a patron on 20 Feb 2019. Thanks, Justin!

Henry Young

Henry Young became a patron on 1 April 2019. Thanks Henry!

Joseph Ducar, KJ4QFV

Joseph Ducar, KJ4QFV became a patron on 26 Aug 2018 and upgraded to $20/mo on 20 May 2019. Thanks John!

Linwood Campbell, K2LLC

Linwood Campbell, K2LLC

Linwood became a patron on 23 March 2019 and upgraded to the $20/month level on 20 June 2019. Thanks, Linwood! He writes, “My father-in-law got me interested in ham radio initially. I thought it might be something fun we could do together. While he never got past the listening stage, the ham radio bug got me! My primary interests are HF and DMR. I belong to the local club here in Central Virginia which provides communication for a number of local events including the Virginia 10 miler. Participants come from all over the world to run in this race. I belong to the “Joker’s Net” (weekday mornings 7:40 Eastern on 3.934) and am net control on Tuesday mornings. My station includes an Icom 7410, a Toyko Hy Power (low power version) amp, an Anytone 868 (using an OpenSpot2) and a Kenwood TH D72A along with assorted other stuff. For APRS I use either a Byonics TinyTrac with an Icom IC 2300 while in the truck, or the Kenwood 72A with a small amp while on my 2010 Honda Goldwing.”

Tim Staley, K5TGS

Patron Tim Staley

Tim, K5TGS, became a patron on 1 Jan 2019 and upgraded to $20/month on 20 June 2019. Thanks Tim! He writes, “I first became interested in radio when I was in high school through SWL with a Hallicrafters WR-1000 receiver. I am retired so I have plenty of time for radio activities. I enjoy public service events in North Texas, and belong to the Denton County Amateur Radio club. I also serve as weekly net control stations for the 7290 net on every Tuesday, the RV Radio net on Sunday evening and DMR on Texas Statewide every fourth Wednesday. My station includes an Elecraft K3s, KAP500 amplifier with their tuner. I also enjoy DSTAR and DMR.”

Dave Slotter, W3DJS

Dave Slotter, W3DJS

Dave Slotter, W3DJS, became a patron on 10 March 2019 and upgraded to the $10/month level on 21 April 2019. On 4 July 2019 he became the first to use the new PayPal-based “Subscriber” method at the $20/month “Underwriter” level, plus continues his support via Patreon at the $2/month level. His QRZ page says, “I am a member of the Gwinnett Amateur Radio Society, North Fulton Amateur Radio League, FT8 Digital Mode Club, and life member of the ARRL. I was licensed as a general class operator in 2015. As of 2/2019, I am studying for amateur extra.” Thanks, Dave, for your continuing support, and good luck with your studies for Amateur Extra!

Brad Rich, N6GR

Brad Rich, N6GR, became a $20/month patron on 11 Aug 2019. He writes, “Ever since observing a Hammarlund HF receiver while I was in 8th grade, I have loved the magic of electromagnetic waves and Ham Radio. I built my first Heathkit during 1974, having earned a Novice license. During the ’90s when I could afford the hobby and earned more advanced grants, I worked my way to Extra Class when you had to pass a 20 word per minute code test leading to equipment that allowed me to chase DX. I am soon retiring and installing a 70-foot tower and probably a SteppIR 6 thru 40 meter three element beam. I have alway dreamed of a horizontal gain antenna at some height. Aviation has always been in my blood as well having earned FAA Commercial, Instrument, Multi-Engine and Flight Instructor ratings. I do not often fly these days. I find relaxing in my shack more comfortable, and radio communications still provides the magic.” Thanks, Brad!

Patrons at the $10/month level

Melinda and Robert Koster

Melinda Koster, KG5NWD, and Robert Koster, KG5NWE, became patrons on 18 April 2017. Thank you for your support! When I told Melinda she’s my very first patron via, she replied, “Hope you have a bunch more soon! We (KG5NWE and KG5NWD) almost have our HF rig and antenna up – working on CW as well. Wish there were more hours in the day to watch – you are very encouraging!”

Melinda and Robert Koster, patrons

Dave McKay

Dave McKay, WB6EAR, became a patron on 2 Nov 2017. Dave writes: “Thanks for the videos! Your Tech and General series helped me pass my exams!! I have learned more from your channel than any others I watch on Ham Radio. About me ….. I was introduced to Ham Radio and Shortwave in the mid 70s but never had the ability to delve to deep into either one. Since then i have come across Ham several times but it wasn’t until recently that it came up again and I decided to go for it. I am interested in the entire hobby but most interested in QRP. I find it very interesting how you can send a small signal half way around the world and talk to someone else. I am somewhat limited so far. I haven’t figured out what kind of antenna to use for my shack. I am leaning towards a vertical so I can get the most bands possible with a single low profile antenna since I live in an HOA with a small patio between 2 buildings covered in stucco. For the moment I am somewhat relegated to handheld contacts. I have been listening to the WinSystem from time to time. I haven’t really spent much time on the air as yet. I am still learning about the hobby.”

David Whiteside, N9BSA

David writes: “Dave your video are great and i greatly appreciate your program I am just a Ham Radio that thinks your video and your sharing of knowledge is great. No need to put my name anywhere. I will tell you I was a MARS military operator since 68 and a Technician since 95 when I got tech lic. at the Boy Scout Jamboree. Last year I upgraded to general after watching your video and am working on my extra. 73’s N9BSA”

Vic Neshyba, W5IG

Vic Neshyba, W5IG

Vic became a patron on 25 Dec 2018. Thanks Vic!

Sean McGrath, W1SMM

Sean McGrath, W1SMM, became a patron on 6 July 2018 and upgraded to $10/month on 26 March 2019. Thanks Sean!

Mike McNeice

Mike McNeice became a patron on 27 April 2019. Thanks, Mike!

Tim Clark

Tim Clark became a patron on 4 May 2019. Thanks, Tim! He writes, “My Call is in memory of my good friend Mark, KD8NKX who went SK shortly before I passed my Tech & Gen in 2015. I haven’t done much in Ham since then, but that is changing this year as I push the home build along and get a shack together with HF at the center of it all. Thanks for all the fantastic work you do to help us Hamlets get into the hobby. It was your Study Guide videos and lots of practice exams that helped me pass the T & G exams and I hope to add “/AE” to my Call later this Summer with the same study regime.” Best of luck with your studies, Tim!

Kevin Autry

Kevin Autry became a patron on 16 June 2019. Thanks Kevin!

Craig Kirkpatrick

Craig Kirkpatrick became a patron on July 4th, 2018. Thanks Craig!

Alan Thompson, W6WN

Alan became a patron on 14 July 2019. He writes, “In 1962, I earned a Novice ticket at age 11. A few months later, I upgraded to Technician. I’d always wanted an advanced license, but couldn’t master the skills needed. With high school, I discovered cars and girls and left radio behind. After a 55-year hiatus and a career in satellite communications, I became interested in ways to help California fire fighters deployed beyond the reach of cell services to stay in touch with their families. That quickly led to a headlong dive back into radio in 2017, only this time I wouldn’t settle for less than a top ticket. Nowadays when I’m not working (or gabbing on my radio), I’m busy talking before Civic Groups, Homeowners’ Associations, Fire-safe Councils and Ham Clubs about “Radio For The Rest of Us” community safety programs using FRS and GMRS radios.” Alan, thanks for your patronage and for all the good work you do!

Patrons at the $5/month level

Richard Broman

Richard Broman became a patron on 10 June 2019. Thanks Richard!

Michael Skurka, K5MSK

Michael Skurka, K5MSK, became a patron on 5 June 2019. Thanks Michael! He writes, “I’m a life-long electronics hobbyist and always wanted to get my “ticket”. Finally, in the summer of 2013, I became a licensed operator, passing both Technician and General exams. I am now studying for the Amateur Extra exam. I serve as the radio “expert” for the company where I work, participate in DHS SHARES, and have started a club there to encourage my colleagues to obtain their licenses. When I’m not watching Dave’s latest videos (and learning more!), I participate in local Amateur Radio Emergency Services (ARES), serving as one of several Net Control operators for weekly training nets. Many thanks to Dave for his continuing contributions to Amateur Radio. 73 to all, DE K5MSK.”

Richard Edge, VE7RXE

Richard Edge, VE7RXE, became a patron on 22 May 2019. He writes, “I have only been licensed for a year. In fact a year ago this past week. I had wanted to get my licence since I first came across ham operators while tuning around the shortwave bands in my latter teen years. I became an electronics technician after building crystal radios and other circuits in my youth. My job and other life issues unfortunately took up most of my time and I ended up putting off getting licensed after retiring. It became a no brainer then since I now had all kinds of time on my hands. I took a course with a local club in April last year and obtained a level here in Canada called Basic with Honours which gives me access to all HF and VHF and above frequencies. This level requires a 80% or better score. Below that is similar to your Technician Class. I do aim to learn CW and go for the Advanced Licence level after gaining a bit more on air experience. I have yet to make a contact on HF due to HOA antenna challenges, but I will persevere.” Thanks, Richard!

Richard Konrad, KO1RNK

Richard became a patron on 23 May 2019. He is a former firefighter and college teacher, now working in public health. His agency has trained a number of Hams for emergency communications. Thanks, Richard!

Baset Rehman, AP2FLY

Baset Rehman, AP2FLY, of Pakistan, became a patron on 11 Jun 2018, and upgraded his patronage to $5/month on 30 April 2019. Thanks Baset!

Tracy Fig

Tracy Fig became a patron on 10 May 2019. Tracy is a Realtor in Sacramento County in California and is interested in listening to and understanding ELF signals. Thanks for, Tracy!

Dave Palica, KRØOT

Dave Palica, KRØOT, became a patron on 9 May 2019. He writes: “In 2003 a co-worker asked if I wanted to go to a HAM radio class at BYU. I came home with my tech license (KD7TZG). Radios were out of my price range at that time. Fast forward to Christmas 2018 where Tania, my MUCH better half gifted me a Baofeng. Once I had the radio, I really began to learn. I studied and passed my General in March, and my Extra in April. I’m currently setting up my shack for HF (including digital). I’ve joined two local clubs. One is BYU (I work there). Thanks sharing your passion, time, and talents for all of your awesome videos.They were most helpful.” He also notes he’s run Linux for years, hence the RØOT in the callsign. Thanks for being a Patron, Dave!

Mark Aiken, KI5DMA

Mark Aiken, KI5DMA, became a patron on 9 Mar 2019. Mark writes, “I was very interested in amateur radio when I was a teenager. I’ve kept an eye out for new information over the years, but never really pursed the hobby. Now, later in life I’ve got some free time to go after ham radio…. My first realization was that I’ve really been missing out on a lot of fun and radio advancements. I have to thank Dave for all his great videos—and special thanks for the license prep videos. They were foundational for my passing of my technician exam…. Now off to study for the General and watch more of Dave’s great videos there!” Thanks, Mark, and good luck with your studies!

Bill Woodward, W7DOC

Bill Woodward, W7DOC, became a patron on 25 Feb 2019. Thanks Bill!

Phil Bruce

Phil Bruce became a patron on 22 Feb 2019. Thanks Phil!

Charles M. Mitchell, KN4QEH

Charles M. Mitchell became a patron on on 20 Feb 2019. He writes, “Just upgraded to Amateur Extra thanks to your instructional tutoring. It was a breeze. I’m a Dave Casler believer. My story is a lot like other folks on here. I have always wanted to get a Ham license; when I was young my dad tried to teach me the Morse code but it didn’t take (he was a radio op. in Korean conflict). I just wish I had started a lot earlier. I’ve wasted too much time. 73’s.” Thanks Charles!

John DiLiberto

John DiLiberto changed his patronage on 19 Feb 2019. John says, “Dave Casler’s exam prep series were a key component of my preparation for the three amateur radio exams I sat for and passed in 2016. Even the Extra Class license is merely a foundation for the discipline of radio communication, and KE0OG has continued to edify me by sharing his deep expertise in his Ask Dave! series. I like to give where I am blessed, and am honored to be one of Dave’s supporters here on Patreon.” John is also an avid Prepper. Many thanks, John!

Jack R. Dempsey, WB7VTT

Jack R. Dempsey, WB7VTT became a patron on 30 July 2017. Thanks Jack!

Rick Hubbard, KI6VOS

Rick Hubbard, KI6VOS became a patron on 1 Aug 2017. Thanks Rick!

Donald Gover, VA6DLG

Donald Gover, VA6DLG became a patron on 24 Aug 2017. Thanks Donald!

Jerry Ryan, K8VGL

Jerry Ryan, K8VGL, became a patron on 1 April 2019. Thanks, Jerry! His QRZ page says, “I received my license in 1960 starting with the Novice as KN8VGL, upgrading through Technician, General and to Advanced that I held for 38 years before final up grade to Extra. I spent my early years on the VHF and UHF spectrum operating all modes, but primarily on 6 and 2 SSB. In 1966 I joined the USAF and spent 4 years in the Ground Radio field including a year in III Corp in Viet Nam. Since that time, my stations have been modest with hidden antennas because of covenants. I operate SSB, some CW and PSK31 on the low bands. Recently I have been trying out the other weak signal modes of WSJ-X. VHF activity is mostly FM on 6, 2 and 440. I am an active member of the Van Wert Amateur Radio Club making very few meetings because of the distance, but always operating in field day with the club. I participate when possible with Marion county ARES of Indianapolis assisting with the annual Mini-Marathon 500, Tour-de-Cure bicycle race and other activities. I retired in 2013 and now have more time for operating. I participate in contests such as Indiana QSO, ARRL VHF, Sweepstakes, and of course Field Day. Hope to meet you on the bands.”

Paul Barger, N7TZW

Paul Barger, N7TZW, became a patron on 11 March 2019. Thanks, Paul!

John W. Peterson, KD2ODE

John W. Peterson,KD2ODE became a patron on 15 Dec 2017. Thanks, John!

Corey Sheldon, WA1EM

Corey Sheldon, WA1EM became a patron on 9 Dec 2018. Thanks Corey!

James Self

James Self became a patron on 20 Oct 2018. Thanks James!

Jim Maloney

Jim Maloney became a patron on 20 Aug 2018. Thanks Jim!

Jim Record, AD0YO

Jim Record, AD0YO, became a patron on 7 Apr 2018. Thanks Jim!

Joe & Alex Van Orsdol, KE0STP

Joe & Alex Van Orsdol, KE0STP became a patron on 4 Aug 2018. Thanks Joe & Alex!

John Christensen, KI7UXS

John Christensen, KI7UXS, became a patron on 19 July 2018. Thanks John!

John Pancoast, K2WT

John Pancoast, K2WT, became a patron on 24 Mar 2018. Thanks John!

Larry Weed, KI5ACA

Larry Weed, KI5ACA became a patron on 15 Dec 2018. Thanks Larry!

Rodney Everage, KE0PHS

Rodney Everage, KE0PHS became a patron on 11 Feb 2018. Thanks Rodney!

Roland Smith, K7OJL

Roland Smith, K7OJL, became a patron on 2 May 2018. Thanks Roland!

Terry L. Morris, KB8AMZ

Terry L. Morris, KB8AMZ, became a patron on 30 Mar 2018. Thanks Terry!

Scott Palluth, K9SPP

Scott Palluth, K9SPP became a patron on 21 Nov 2018. Thanks Scott!

Stuart Hall, KD9LFW

Stuart Hall, KD9LFW, became a patron on 26 Jun 2018. Thanks Stuart!

Michael Allen Wilson

Michael Allen Wilson became a patron on 2 Jan 2019. Thanks Michael!

Robert Singleton, N5HRK

Robert Singleton, N5HRK, became a patron on 5 Jan 2019. Thanks Robert!

Richard Nesbitt, N9MO

Rich Nesbitt, N9MO, became a patron on 7 Jan 2019. Thanks Richard! Rich says, “I got my Technician License while stationed with the Air Force in New York, prior to leaving the military. I used the address for my wife’s parent in Illinois as my home address on my initial application and my initial callsign was N9WPH. I passed 5-WPM code test and upgraded to Tech Plus. When the FCC eliminated the code requirement, I upgraded to General so I could work more HF. I upgraded to Extra at Grayslake Hamfest, IL in 2001. I changed to a vanity call, N9MO. My application for a vanity call in 2001 got lost during the Postal System Anthrax scare of 2001 and I did not get the callsign N9MO until 2002. I currently use an Icom 746 in the house and an Icom 706 mk2g in the car. I like working PSK31. I am the treasurer for the local radio club MAARS / AA9US. You can find the club on Facebook. Thanks for making and posting the YouTube clips.”

James G. Smith, K5GTE

James G. Smith, K5GTE became a patron on 6 July 2018. Thanks K5GTE!

Ronald Terrell, KK6URQ

Ronald Terrell, KK6URQ became a patron on 31 July 2017. Thanks Ronald!

Sam McGlynn, KØVD

Sam McGlynn, KØVD, became a patron on 24 March 2019. He writes, “fairly new Ham (first licensed in 2018), upgraded to Extra in March 2019; living in apartment so HF portable is my focus now; learning CW and getting comfortable with my rig (KX2) and antennas (CHA F-Loop and MPAS).” Thanks, Sam!

David Crandall, W4DTX

David Crandall, W4DTX, became a patron on 25 June 2019. Thanks, David!

Patrick O’Day

Patrick O’Day became a patron on 9 July 2019. He writes, “I own a company that designs and manufactures UL listed industrial control systems. My interest in amateur radio began as a response to peer pressure from other jeeping enthusiasts who have switched from CB to mobile ham radios. While studying for my Technician license I discovered I was fascinated by many aspects of the hobby and decided to continue my studies and hopefully pass the General and extra exams soon. I realize passing the test is not the same as understanding the subject. Your videos have done much to help me to better understand the material. I have a Btech 5×3 and a Yaesu FTM 400 XDR and at your urging I joined the ARRL. I hope to be on the air soon. 73 KJ7HPX out.” Thanks, Patrick, and best of luck with your studies!

Bernie Nazari, K6NAZ

Bernie Nazari, K6NAZ, became a patron on 12 July 2019. Thanks, Bernie!

Ben Otto, KEØRFZ

Ben Otto, KEØRFZ, became a patron on 13 July 2019. He writes, “A lifelong electronics, communications and technology enthusiast, with a recent upgrade to Extra, I’m reminded that participating in amateur radio is an extension of a life long pursuit of learning. And the adventure and fascination is always just beginning.” Thanks Ben!

Marc Robbins, KB7MBR

Marc Robbins, KB7MBR, became a patron on 11 Aug 2019. He writes, “I have a General Class license. I am studying for my Extra. I became interested in Ham Radio about a year and a half ago. I am planning to build out a modest ham shack next year.” Thanks, Marc!

Patrons at the $4/month level

  • Dale Merkey, NO3J, became a patron on 2 Mar 2018. Thanks Dale!
  • Alan Bush, KJ7BFC, became a patron on 15 March 2019. Thanks Alan!

Patrons at the $3/month level

  • Jack Moerman, PA3EKI became a patron on 1 Sep 2018. Thanks Jack!
  • Josh King, KI4BHG became a patron on 27 July 2018. Thanks Josh!
  • Jacob Mariam is studying for his Technician exam and became a patron on 14 March 2019. Thanks, Jacob!

Patrons at the $2/month level

  • Edmund Schramko, KJ7CCY, became a patron on 7 July 2019. Thanks Edmund!
  • Tom Webster, KEØOSI, became a patron on 23 June 2019. Thanks, Tom!
  • Michael Downey, K4MJD, became a patron on 17 June 2019. Thanks Michael!
  • Steven Black, K5FOR, became a patron on 16 June 2019. Thanks, Steven!
  • Dave Richter, K9BOM, became a patron on 13 Jun 2019. Thanks, David!
  • Bruce Hymon, K8CJM, became a patron on 2 June 2019. Thanks, Bruce!
  • Bill Seward, W4EXT, became a patron on 31 May 2016. Thanks, Bill!
  • Gunther Kraft became a patron on 29 May 2019. Thanks, Gunther!
  • Kelvin D. Olson, NØMQL, became a patron on 26 May 2019. Thanks, Kelvin!
  • Kevin Rooney, KD2IBJ, became a patron on 1 May 2019. Thanks, Kevin!
  • Paul Little, KI5DGN, became a $2.08/month patron on 24 March 2019. Thanks, Paul!
  • Brian T. Leibeg, KE0RIY, became a patron on 22 April 2019. Thanks, Brian!
  • Jonas Willemsen became a patron on 21 April 2019. Thanks, Jonas!
  • Jon E. Whitney, WJ2E, became a patron on 12 April 2019. Thanks, Jon!
  • Bill Lynch, KC8ISN, became a patron on 19 March 2019. Thanks, Bill!
  • Jon Moon, KC3KWZ, became a patron on 16 March 2019. Thanks, Jon!
  • Mark E. Johnston, AF6DW, became a patron on 13 Mar 2019. Thanks, Mark!
  • Chris Ebert, KB2ICN, became a patron on 12 March 2019. Thanks, Chris!
  • David S. Burkett became a patron on 8 Jan 2019. Thanks David!
  • Grigory Semenov became a patron on 8 July 2017. Thanks Grigory!
  • Seer Snively, KM6MWO, became a patron on 5 Oct 2017. Thanks Seer!
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