Patrons of Ham Radio Answers

My special thanks to the following patrons of my YouTube channel and Website, “Ham Radio Answers.” These patrons provide $5 or $10/month or more via my Patreon page. You can visit the page and check out my funding goals and become a patron yourself!

Melinda and Robert Koster

Melinda Koster, KG5NWD, and Robert Koster, KG5NWE, became patrons on 18 April 2017. Thank you for your support! When I told Melinda she’s my very first patron via, she replied, “Hope you have a bunch more soon! We (KG5NWE and KG5NWD) almost have our HF rig and antenna up – working on CW as well. Wish there were more hours in the day to watch – you are very encouraging!”

Melinda and Robert Koster, patrons


Bob Slovick

Bob Slovick, ADØHI, became a patron on 19 April 2017. Thanks Bob!


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