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My special thanks to the following patrons of my YouTube channel and Website, “Ham Radio Answers.” These patrons provide $5 or $10/month or more via my Patreon page. You can visit the page and check out my funding goals and become a patron yourself!Become a Patron!

Patrons at the $50/month level

Richard Boyle

Richard has recently joined the roster of patrons.

Patrons at the $20/month level

Bob Slovick

Bob Slovick, ADØHI, became a patron on 19 April 2017, and upgraded his patronage on 23 Aug 2017. Thanks Bob!

Patrons at the $10/month level

Melinda and Robert Koster

Melinda Koster, KG5NWD, and Robert Koster, KG5NWE, became patrons on 18 April 2017. Thank you for your support! When I told Melinda she’s my very first patron via, she replied, “Hope you have a bunch more soon! We (KG5NWE and KG5NWD) almost have our HF rig and antenna up – working on CW as well. Wish there were more hours in the day to watch – you are very encouraging!”

Melinda and Robert Koster, patrons

John DiLiberto

John DiLiberto, AB3ZI, became a patron on 2 May 2017. John says, “Dave Casler’s exam prep series were a key component of my preparation for the three amateur radio exams I sat for and passed in 2016. Even the Extra Class license is merely a foundation for the discipline of radio communication, and KE0OG has continued to edify me by sharing his deep expertise in his Ask Dave! series. I like to give where I am blessed, and am honored to be one of Dave’s supporters here on Patreon.” John is also an avid Prepper. Many thanks, John!

Patron John DiLiberto

Dave McKay

(Photo Pending.) Dave McKay, WB6EAR, became a patron on 2 Nov 2017. Dave writes: “Thanks for the videos! Your Tech and General series helped me pass my exams!! I have learned more from your channel than any others I watch on Ham Radio. About me ….. I was introduced to Ham Radio and Shortwave in the mid 70s but never had the ability to delve to deep into either one. Since then i have come across Ham several times but it wasn’t until recently that it came up again and I decided to go for it. I am interested in the entire hobby but most interested in QRP. I find it very interesting how you can send a small signal half way around the world and talk to someone else. I am somewhat limited so far. I haven’t figured out what kind of antenna to use for my shack. I am leaning towards a vertical so I can get the most bands possible with a single low profile antenna since I live in an HOA with a small patio between 2 buildings covered in stucco. For the moment I am somewhat relegated to handheld contacts. I have been listening to the WinSystem from time to time. I haven’t really spent much time on the air as yet. I am still learning about the hobby.”

Terry Collins

Patrons at the $5/month level

Elwood Downey

Elwood Downey upgraded his patronage on 1 July 2017. If I’ve looked his callsign up correctly, he’s WBØOEW, and is an Amateur Extra. Thanks Elwood!

Jack R. Dempsey

Jack R. Dempsey became a patron on 30 July 2017. Thanks Jack!

Ronald Terrell

Ronald Terrell became a patron on 31 July 2017. Thanks Ronald!

Rick Hubbard

Rick Hubbard became a patron on 1 Aug 2017. Thanks Rick!

Donald Gover

Donald Gover became a patron on 24 Aug 2017. Thanks Donald!

Emil Bohme

Emil Bohme became a patron on 2 Oct 2017. Thanks Emil!

Richard Linn

Richard Linn became a patron on 6 Oct 2017. Thanks Richard!

John W. Peterson

John W. Peterson became a patron on 15 Dec 2017. Thanks, John!

Don Cain

Patrons at the $2/month level

  • Matt Hinds
  • Grigory Semenov
  • Noel Davis
  • Rick Meehan
  • John Gilbert
  • Seer Snively
  • Mark Schmidt
  • Robert West
  • Laura Tunnel
  • Kenneth F Leonard
  • Brian Raker
  • Matthew Perry
  • Bill Burgner
  • Rodney Everage
  • Mark Hamann
  • Luke Purdy
  • Brent Yazel
  • Mark Brewer
  • Norm Fasoletos

Patrons at the $1/month level

  • Jon Gretar Borgthorsson

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