Motorcycling Highlights

More detail: where to ride street in the nearby San Juans
More detail: where to ride dirt.
And…check the blog entries for the motorcycling category, where you’ll find all sorts of detail.

Motorcycles hooked me at 16. A friend loaned me his little Yamaha trailbike and told me to drive as long as I wanted. I took him literally—2-1/2 hours! My dad and friend weren’t happy but I paid them no attention. I had found a new love!

Dave riding in the San Juans

Here I am on U.S. 550 just north of Red Mountain Pass. The bike is my Yamaha Seca II--the second one.

Over the years I’ve had eight motorcycles, all of them street except for two early Yamaha Enduro Models (XT-1, CT-1) and the most recent one. After a several-year absence, I began riding again in 1992 on a Yamaha Seca II, a 600-cc sport/touring bike I called “the sports bike for those over 40.” It was crashed out from under me in 1994. After a brief delay (two weeks), I was out looking for a replacement. I settled on a 1994 Yamaha Seca II, discovering that all the reasons I bought it in the first place still made sense. I still have that bike (see photo).

Last May I purchased a 2009 Yamaha XT-250, a “dual sport” bike, meaning a street legal dirt bike (see photo). The point is that I can ride from home to where I want to ride–I don’t need a trailer and all that goes with it.

Dave riding on a dirt road

Here I am on Ouray County Road 4 with Pleasant Valley and Log Hill in the background.

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  1. Hi Dave, I did a search uncompahgre + single track and found your site. Very nice!

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