Oggie Harry Rundall, AC3EK, Discusses Elbow Connectors

Male end of elbow connector, photo by AC3EK, used by permission

Harry reports: “I had asked about erratic power behavior on the ICOM 7300 on the mode FT8 last Saturdays Q&A. Well it turns out it was the elbow connector I had in line on the back of the rig to my jumper going to my MFJ-697 dummy load/SWR meter. Being a Field Engineer, back the day, with Hewlett Packard Medical (1969-1979), I applied the good ole troubleshooting methods. Lightly tapping on the back right hand corner of the cover to the rig, when it was in the tune function of FT8, I could eliminate the problem, i.e. recover proper power output. Next I grabbed the body of the elbow connector and ever so slightly rocked it and sure enough the problem appeared/disappeared. Next, removed the connector and placed the jumper RG8X directly into the rig. Problem went away. I tapped the top- while in tune mode, and no repeat of the problem. Talking to a fellow ham buddy about this He heard that these elbow connectors can be a problem. Notice in the attached photo (Taken with a Nikon 7000, Sigma lens set for micro photo 1/1000 at F13) of the pin of the male part of the connector in the blown up photo notice the scarring to the pin. Thought I would share this for your library of troubleshooting connectors issue. All is good now!! 73s Harry AC3EK”

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MFJ-17754 Instruction Addendum from Ask Dave 265 and 266

In Ask Dave 265 and Ask Dave 266, I mentioned an Addendum to the MFJ instructions. This addendum describes that the antenna comes pretuned too long and will need to be shortened, and gives instructions for doing so. See the addendum by clicking here.

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Reference Station Page Now Active

I’ve put up a page that takes you to the Reference Station list of equipment. It’s at www.dcasler.com/reference. Check it out. Comments should go to the video that introduces the reference station component.

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Ideal Stripmaster Wire Stripping Tool

In today’s livestream, I promised to put up a link to my wire stripper. They’re a bit expensive, but I don’t know how I ever lived without it! Note: if you purchase through this link, you’re helping to support my channel.

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Samlex SEC-1235 Power Supply Manufacturer’s Markings and Certifications

A YouTube viewer asked what the manufacturer’s assertions are regarding certifications. Here’s a photo of the label on the bottom of my unit.

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General Class Videos Now Available on Thumb Drive for US$39.99

At last! My General Class training videos are now available on a USB 32 GB thumb drive for US$39.99, postpaid anywhere in the USA. See here for the details, or use this button to order via PayPal with your credit card.

These videos are for the ARRL General Class License Manual, 9th edition, 2019-2023.

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Phoenix Area Source for Used High Wattage Resistors

Oggie Dirk van Dijk notes that he’s found a variety of high-wattage resistors good for dummy loads at Apache Reclamation and Electronics in Phoenix. Their phone number is (602) 254-0613.

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NanoVNA “Getting Started Manual” link

Oggie Lee Johnson, N4WYE, sent this link to a manual for how to use the NanoVNA. You can use the NanoVNA as an antenna analyzer.

Click here for Part 1. Click here for Part 2. (Links updated 1 July 2020.) Note that this will take you away from this website. Use your browser’s back button to return here.

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How to get the latest Brandmeister DMR database for your Anytone D878UV

Oggie Roger Shults, KE4BFG, provides two helpful links. The first is a tool to download the latest DMR database from Brandmeister, and the second is a video that describes how to use it. If you use this tool frequently, you’ll always have the latest database.

Tool: https://github.com/BM-Database/database-tools/wiki/Anytone-AdresTool-v2.00

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nDSQBw86XHs

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Story from John Cliff, GØWXU

I have just visited your QRZ page and noticed you used to be WB6GBT. I wonder if you knew an old acquaintance of mine from 1968. A guy named Wes Louden. He was a WB6. I do not remember the rest of his call. I use to speak to Wes on 20m from the Garrison club station 9M2RH at Malacca in Malaysia. He had heard me in QSO with Tom – HS3TM, who he could not call due to security at that period. I was able to speak to Toms father who was in the same predicament due to Vietnam. Well one day Tom announced that he and his wife were coming over to see us all at the club. Like yea we all just hop on a plane and fly a few thousand miles to go and see some friends. We took it with a pinch of salt I suppose. A few days later I got the urgent call from the Battalion Signals officer telling me that Major Salisbury requested my presence down at the Ham club like ASAP, Wes Louden was on his way. No one with any sense would argue with Bob. He was the Garrison housing officer. All club members were called down to the shack to prepare for Wes and his lady arriving. Wes had persuaded the aircraft pilot who was controlling the plane to let him speak to the tower controller at Terendak air strip, who was one of our club, to let him know that they would be landing at Malacca airport shortly. It was a brilliant time for all. Wes was able to talk to Tom. Both he and his wife and all of us were taken on a Garrison tour of the Officers Messes. They met the Brigadier and his lady, all due to Bob. I was invited to call on Wes any time that I wanted to go over but never got round to it. Unfortunately I lost contact with moving about in the army .73 de John – G0WXU.

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